They are losing market share and shareholder value hand over fist, so what do UK grocery retailers do? Commission the multi-million pound ’Christmas TV commercial’! The annual creative charm fest. The yearly escape into yuletide schmaltz. And the justification is: ‘because Christmas is an emotive time of year’.

Doesn’t this sum-up the sector’s malaise, as retailers become more interested in ‘winning’ the Christmas TV commercial ‘tear-off’, as opposed to the real challenge of driving footfall and web traffic? Yet another example of them looking at and competing against each other, rather than focusing on the needs of consumers.

Ironically, the sector that could really leverage the emotional warmth of family and home at Christmas is ours. Couldn’t the festive break be made really special in a brand-spanking, beautifully designed new home, featured in an exquisitely produced TV commercial?

And the national, volume housebuilder that ‘takes to telly’ could really stand head and shoulders above its peers and, more importantly, drive response from consumers at this crucial time of year.

Off my trolley? I’ll give you even more reasons to put Christmas TV on your 2015 wish list next post.