We’ve talked about the creative convention of housebuilders’ marketing communication. How convention = convergence = confusion amongst consumers.

So, isn’t it about time the art of copywriting was taken seriously within the sector and its agencies? This is the most emotive of purchases, after all.

Yet copy is belted out with all the predictability and feeling of a neighbour’s jack-hammer on a Saturday morning: superlative after empty superlative... bang, bang, bang!

Well-worn claims of ‘the finest’, ‘the most exclusive’, ’most luxurious’ not only merge into one, but also treat purchasers like gullible lemmings. From starter homes upwards, buyers are an educated, discerning group who’ll make their own decisions on claims, thank you very much!

Moreover, where’s the copy that charms our consumers; honours their taste and success; and even makes them smile? Copy that builds a differentiating, emotional connection between consumer and brand.

Now that would be a first for the housebuilding sector. And, do you know what? The brand that does it will stand out head and shoulders above its peers.

More next time...