Two significant news headlines this week:

  1. ITV are forecasting an 8% decline in December TV ad spend
  2. Halifax have announced that house price growth is at its lowest for five years

So, it's time for us to replicate the behaviour of buyers and sit on our cheque books... right?

Mmmm... perhaps not.

It might just be time to remind ourselves of the words of the legendary Warren Buffett:

''Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.''

The housing market is stalling because of 'uncertainty'. But just what if the Brexit deed gets done?

Not only will the FTSE rally with relief but so will the housing market.

Employment is high, interest rates are low, Help to Buy is still available and the quest for hearts and wallets will intensify.

Now could be the time to get greedy on marketing – and get your retaliation in first – letting others talk themselves to a standstill on why they should be fearful.

Post script

Those cutting their Christmas advertising expenditure are the problem children, M&S and Waitrose, whilst those increasing expenditure are the wunderkinds Aldi and Lidl (as well as a swathe of online retailers).

Interesting that.