Headlines proliferate of dramatically increasing sales for volume housebuilders.

The 'double-winny' of pent-up demand and financial assistance, via Help to Buy, is making them appear universally successful.

But surely the criterion housebuilders should be focussing on is the 'satisfaction' of purchasing consumers?

Brand image in this marketplace is low amongst prospective purchasers and word-of-mouth recommendation is key.

Beyond short-term sales success the real winners will be the housebuilders that make buying a new home a highly memorable experience and trigger a wave of positive recommendations to future buyers.

Ramping-up production can create problems. Stories abound of the 'curse of the 3 Bs' (sourcing bricks, blocks and skilled blokes). And selling faster means tighter production schedules, as people want their dream homes and they want them now! Build quality and attendant customer service are all coming under intense pressure and scrutiny.

So, as we close on the calendar year, don't bask in the glory of impressive sales figures; drill down into your customer satisfaction research and ratings - get these metrics right and the sales curve will continue to gain traction... even now 'Help to Buy' has extended to second-hand properties.