As more and more advertising spend goes online, so does the revolution in advertisement formats.

As YouTubers switched off rather than endure 30- or 60-second ads before watching their chosen video, out of revenue necessity YouTube decided to test six-second bumpers last year.

The net result? Research has revealed an increase in brand and ad recall amongst six-second first movers. Moreover, other media groups, including Fox Networks, are rolling out the six-second format as brands look to connect in an increasingly visual world of ever-shrinking attention spans.

The future is the creative use of six seconds.

If Hemmingway can write a heart-wrenching story in six words (For Sale: baby shoes, never worn), so six seconds can be an equally emotive creative canvas.

But it starts by being able to identify your brand's essence concisely. Using our communication process, that means distilling it into one word. Because, as the legendary Al Ries stated, “the most powerful concept in marketing is owning a word in the consumer’s mind.”

So, if you’re looking for an agency to exploit the latest advertising opportunities and tell your story in six seconds (as opposed to warbling on for hours), you know where to come.