A compelling proposition, isn’t it?

And the media in question is TV.

It’s a seasonal anomaly that December and January TV airtime is, incredibly, 20% cheaper than annual average rates and a massive 40% cheaper than October and November.

But it gets better. Not only can advertisers benefit from airtime that’s discounted by 20%, they can also reach upmarket audiences more cost-efficiently in the daytime period (given our festive propensity to watch TV, reclining on the sofa, glass in hand). In short, more audience and frequency of message, for less. For example, the period 25 December – 1 January delivers 24% more audience than average.

A result!!

That’s a captive, TV-watching audience at a time of year when people have time to seriously start to think about moving home. The cost is compelling; the timing spot-on.

And the housebuilder that exploits this will stand out due to the absence of any competitor activity. Because most housebuilders believe TV is out of their budgetary reach.

Finally, it's possible to creatively project a market-leading brand warmth, aspiration and family focus, at a time of year when we soak it up misty-eyed. The chance to break out of the all-too-easy, ‘new year, new home’ creative cliché, in a striking and memorable way.

Tempted by the TV Christmas sale in 2020?

Should this be a new homes industry initiative for 2020?