In our previous thought piece, Think like Bernie & The Donald, we highlighted the communication savvy of Mr Trump.

Now, to coincide with his inauguration, let’s review the beautiful simplicity of his seemingly impossible winning campaign: a marketing lesson to us all, that can be uttered in sentences not essays (in itself a great internal and external communications strength).

Know your target audience
The disenfranchised. The ‘have-nots‘. Patriotic, loyal Americans, who yearned for a share of the American Dream.

Have a believable, motivating promise
‘Change’ had been devalued, having been over-promised and woefully under-delivered over eight years of relative inactivity.

Here was the juxtaposition: a business-winner with the tantalising authority who, with his skill-set and track-record, could credibly be the person to turn it around. Not a mere millionaire, but a billionaire, who embodied the American Dream, with a clear rallying cry: "to make America great again".

Repetition, repetition, repetition
Many things were said – on many topics – but he always summarised and continually reiterated that single, aspirational promise during addresses (more often than not, via his omnipresent baseball cap)…offline and online.

So, in American Football parlance – this was no one-off, Hail Mary pass, but a highly disciplined campaign that (as we said in the thought piece Thank You Nigel Farage) won by simply focusing on 'saying one thing and saying it well'.

Now, we're not suggesting you get your own baseball cap produced for delivering your annual results; but, being recognised for owning a word (or even a phrase) in the consumer’s mind, is a very powerful thing indeed. Ask Hil (and Bill).