Selling luxury, new-build London properties to the Chinese can be tricky: irrespective of the superior specification required, how do you get over the lack of brand awareness for people wanting to buy into their British ‘pile’, with increasing choice available?

If you’re brewer Greene King, it’s simple: invite ‘Call me Dave’ Cameron to offer a very British welcome to Chinese President, Xi ‘Dada’ Jinping, by buying him a pint of IPA down his local, The Plough at Cadsden.

Then mobilise the reach of social media!

Not only has the pub subsequently seen busloads of Chinese tourists, but Chinese imports of IPA have increased from 6,000 to 80,000 bottles at the downing of a Presidential pot.

So, if you can’t create the ‘staged’ endorsement by ‘Uncle Xi’, why not borrow credibility from perceived luxury British brands? Burberry interiors; Dunhill fashion-show launch evenings; even Berry Bros. & Rudd vintage wine evenings…then invite your Chinese glitterati!

Shame it can’t be as cheap as buying a pint, but you get the idea!