In a previous chapter of my career, I was involved in originating and producing Roger Moore's (then) only TV commercial, for a regional beer brand.

A memorable career event, but also a first-hand introduction to the star's charm and modesty.

Picture the scene:

The script requires Roger to walk into a busy boozer – obviously in white tuxedo and bow tie – causing a gawping silence, as he launches into his lines:

"The trouble with being a world-famous celebrity," he explains to camera, "is you simply can't go for a quiet pint of Banks's Bitter".

Arriving at the bar an awestruck regular utters: "You're him aren't you?", to which Roger replies "Yes". Then the bloke buys our star a pint of the aforementioned. "See what I mean? Not a moment's peace," says Roger with that inimitable wink.

Job done. So how does the first take go?

Roger glides into the pub, delivering lines to perfection, before arriving at the bar.
"You're him aren't you?" says our bloke "F**k off." deadpans Roger.

The set erupts in laughter.

This was working with Roger Moore; a consummate professional in what he did, but who was equally funny, witty and charming.

So, what's the relevance to housebuilder communication?

Well, Moore's endearing qualities were not just his brand image of elegant sophistication, but his honesty, charm and wit of language.

Not only had he developed a desirable brand image but a unique tone of voice.

Name me one luxury housebuilder who's developed a charming and witty use of copy and language? It's sadly an empty world of meaningless superlatives. Moreover, has anyone ever developed communications that people raise a smile at?

Because that's our job, to emotionally engage with consumers. To charm and seduce them, just like 'Rog' did.

So if you want to see how this could work, and break new ground in the marketplace, we've got the Campaign in the bag. Plus a few more stories to share...