SEO isn't just a buzzword, or an expensive link building exercise, it's a channel that can drive significant growth for your business. The changes that Covid-19 forced businesses to make in terms of online visibility has meant many companies are seriously considering and implementing SEO strategies to get in front of their customers. If you’re not quite convinced or looking for a sign as to why you should invest in SEO services, this is it. Here’s three ways that SEO can seriously impact your wider business goals. 

Drive more traffic to your website

Traffic to your website should be made up of a mix of channels, but generally organic is one of the biggest traffic providers. This is because it also acts as a follow up to other marketing routes. People pass signage and advertising boards and Google your brand, or spot several social posts and decide to research your company. If your SEO isn’t set up correctly, all those potential leads you have spent time and money on other channels may be lost because they can’t find your website in search. 

Improve PPC spend

Though SEO is based on organic traffic, it can also go a long way to helping your paid search (PPC) campaigns too. SEO has a strong focus on content and ensuring it is unique, informative and useful for those reading it, as well as optimised with keywords to drive traffic to the pages. Having strong content on the landing pages for your PPC campaign can mean higher quality scores and therefore lower spending costs. This saving can then be used to expand your campaign elsewhere.

Help sales teams

Sales and customer service teams will field a whole array of questions and queries from your customers. Having a website that is easily searchable and usable for potential customers will save a lot of time for teams, with many people now preferring to use an online approach rather than interact with someone. For those that have called through, having a set of online resources that are SEO optimised which your teams can refer to for common queries can not only save time for your teams whilst still helping your customers, but it can also maintain your tone of voice.

If you’re looking to implement, improve or expand your business's SEO, have a chat with a member of our friendly team about how we can help achieve your goals. Whether that’s an ongoing support service, or some training to get your team up to speed, we can help.