Finding cost effective solutions to everyday work management is the dream of most SMEs. However, the thought of researching, implementing and training on multiple new systems can be off putting. But what about systems that are already out there, free to use (in most cases) and easy to add into your normal routine? Enter Google. 

Yes, Google, the world’s biggest search engine has a whole range of productivity, communication and statistical tools that are free to use, and may help improve your workflow. We’ll talk through some of their tools so you can gauge what will be easiest and most helpful to take a look at:  

Productivity Tools

Google Drive 

Online storage, where you can use 15GB of storage for free. Anything you store here can be easily shared with others, and linked in emails or other google documents. Works exceptionally well if you adopt any of the Google Docs Editors. It’s also exceptionally secure, with every Google account coming with built-in security, and all data in the drive encrypted in-transit and at-rest. 

Google Docs , Sheets and Slides (A.K.A Google Docs Editors)

Google’s equivalent of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. As with everything on this list though, they are free to use. They autosave as you work (so no more losing hours of work!), and you can have multiple people working on the same document at the same time. They’re really easy to share with different levels of access, these are great for collaborative projects. 

You may also like to use Gmail (their email service), Google Calendar (their online calendar that integrates with Gmail), Forms (to create your own surveys), Keep (a notes app), Drawings (for easy diagrams) and Jamboard (an interactive online whiteboard).

Communication Tools

Google Meet

Their version of other popular products such as Zoom and Teams. You can have up to 100 participants in a call for up to 60 minutes for no cost to anyone with a Google account. It runs in the browser, so no need for plug-ins or further apps. You can create instant meetings, create meeting links for later or schedule in Google Calendar. You can also cast the call to compatible TVs and screens. 

Google Chat

Sits alongside Meet as the text communication service (similar to Slack or Teams). Built for teams so that you can easily collaborate, and seamlessly work with other Google products. For example, you can create and share Google Docs right in the chat. You can work on the document directly in the chat itself, meaning changes can be made then and there. A huge timesaver on collaborative working!

They also have Google Duo (similar to FaceTime) and Google Hangouts, but these are more personal apps, and not necessarily aimed at the work space. 

Statistical and Business Tools

Google Analytics

Works by using tracking code placed on your website, it feeds back information and insights into how people are using your website. What they’re looking at and when, so you can make better business decisions based on facts and insights. 

Google Search Console

Formally known as Google Webmaster Tools offers a lot of information and data around the bit before users get to your website. So, how many times you were seen in search, what you were seen for and when. Google also provides you with website performance information, as well as prompts of how to improve. 

You may also like to use Google Surveys (for market research), Google Trends (which shows the popularity of certain search terms over time), Google Data Studio (which presents your data in beautiful and informative graphs and charts) and Google Business Profile (managing your businesses information available on Google search). 

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