Church Heights Brochure

Capturing their essence on paper

The look and feel of a brochure leaves a lasting impression on your audience, it colours their view of the brand and its products through a permanent, tangible element they can refer back to. In the case of a regional new housebuilder like Bargate Homes, a welldone brochure can make a sale.

Church Heights Brochure

When presented with Church Heights, a secluded development surrounded by trees, we immediately felt an affinity for the arboreal with elegant and modern elements. After spending time in Bishopstoke and soaking up village life, interviewing local businesses and spending time with the photographer in the village, an extroadinary and memorable brochure was the result. It’s magazine style with alluring spreads and eye-catching photography draws you deeper into its pages.

Showing Bargate cares

The message woven throughout the brochure is that of ‘We care’, which includes six values.
Bargate aspires and meets on a daily basis. They not only show their prospective customers that they care through content but also through the tangible qualities of the brochure.

Church Heights Brochure

From verdant to vibrant

The tactile, rustic texture of the cover stock harmonizes with the naturalness of the chosen botanical theme consistently used throughout the brochure. To enhance the uncluttered cover design, a custom debossing die was cut to give a subtle and immediate impact.

A monochromatic colour palette of green and bright white makes this brochure fresh and inviting, just like the development’s location. The watercolour leaves add a transient and expressive feel that contrasts nicely with the solid, permanence of a Bargate Home.


The stylistic choices, including our fonts and imagery give this brochure a warm and modern feel perfectly illustrating the corresponding copy.