Inviting potential buyers to take a peek inside and experience a Bargate home for themselves

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What do you do when you’re a regional housebuilder and one of your stunning developments is at risk of being overshadowed by its fellows? You create a video extolling its (and your business’) virtues and utilise it across social media. Bargate Homes did just that for The Hideaway, inviting potential buyers to take a peek inside and experience a Bargate home for themselves.

Setting the scene

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A cheerful, yet relaxing piano piece, three different angles of development drone footage and an engaging opening line delivered in a welcoming manner. That’s what hooks you with this video. The warmth delivered in the interview is palpable. Not fully scripted, as that can come off as dry and stilted when working with a non-actor, the video comes across as fully genuine and feels like a conversation with a friend. Providing questions or topics beforehand allows your subject to organise their thoughts while coming across as genuine and in the moment.

Local living

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his video is a visual showcase of USPs and property features showing potential buyers what could be theirs, enticing them to visit the development and to avail themselves to this fantastic opportunity for rural living.

The production values are top notch and it helps that the homes themselves are picture perfect and located in a beautiful rural area. Using a variety of shot types ads interest and ensures active engagement of the viewer from the start to finish.