Engaging with your audience directly where their attention is

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When you're a new entrant in a competitive market and need to establish a brand with a limited budget, you need to utilise channels that allow you to cut through the 'guff' and speak directly to your target audience.

Social media, the great leveller

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By utilising social media platforms, Big Time Gin was able to develop an audience of gin enthusiasts by offering knowledge, entertainment and cocktail recipes before then inviting followers to their specialised events; developing the brand socially as a niche influencer, rather than a pure corporate entity by offering real value.

The proof is in the pudding

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Over a five-month campaign, MMS managed the Big Time Gin social channels with the aim of increasing both their audience and engagement. The Facebook page has increased in followers 4 times over and what was once a page with little engagement now delivers consistent comments, shares and click-through's across posted content.

The clincher, however: the first six events held by Big Time Gin have been hugely successful delivering good turnouts from a now dedicated audience.

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