Shouldn't housebuilders' corporate identities not only look different but also demonstrate how the company is different?

Bushmead chevron

Take a close look at most housebuilders' logos. Colour ways default to a predictable palette, with a smattering of non-descript graphics.

Some become more familiar with the passage of time and exposure, but inevitably they converge into a forgettable collection.

Bushmead branding

Making a memorable logo

Bushmead chevron

So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you face a dual challenge: to look different but also stand for something meaningful in a largely undifferentiated marketplace.

The identity we created for Bushmead Homes is all about portraying a vibrant business with a passion for building aspirational, individual homes for individual consumers. Newly formed housebuilder. Need for relevant motivity differential. Highly campaignable