Creating a purpose-built CRM

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A CRM system is at the heart of the new homes sales process and therefore needs to be feature-rich and fit-for-purpose. So, when leading housebuilder Dandara came to us feeling hampered by the limitations of using a largescale, off-the-shelf CRM platform, with the inability to rollout uncompromised solutions within a timely and cost-efficient manner, we got to work creating a bespoke MMS-built CRM solution to meet their needs, with a user interface that empowers their team to maximise their time and get what they need out the system, without the need to “battle the application”.


Maximising leads

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As new homes marketing specialists, we understand the pressures the industry comes under, the need to maximise every lead, have true accountability to drive efficiency and have comprehensive reporting along with detailed auditing. We know that CRM systems aren’t just about giving sales and marketing teams access to data, it’s about empowering them to be able to progress each and every lead, ensuring that marketing investments are maximised with clear visibility of lead progression. Which is why our custom-built CRM platform makes it easy to maximise every lead, record interactions and create follow-up actions, along with the ability to track sales from reservations through exchange and completion, along with facilitating sales progression and reducing the monotonous admin meaning the team can focus on the things that matter.


A fully integrated solution

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Any CRM system has the need for integration between many internal and external platforms. Dandara required integrations with all major property portals, SMS & email platforms, e-signature capabilities and marketing analysis platforms. We set up these integrations so the team only had to worry about using one platform and could get started straight away


On-going support and access from anywhere

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We know that part of the battle with a new CRM system can be with training and roll-out to the end-users. To ensure that Dandara’s roll-out went smoothly we provided a comprehensive training programme to all end-users. With the fast-paced industry, we know that not all work is done from behind a desk, which is why we designed the CRM system to be responsive, giving managers access to their data through their mobile devices, so leads can be pursued, and stats can be accessed, from anywhere. We continue to work with the management team to ensure the system never stands still and provides exactly what the team needs.

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MMS has been hugely instrumental in the CRM implementation in our business, their post roll-out support is second to none. Senior management at Dandara are delighted with the CRM saying it has revolutionised the business.

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Simon Pendlebury
Managing Director
Dandara Northern Home Counties