Google reigns supreme

In the realm of pay-per-click, Google Ads is king. This market leader is the heavy artillery in your paid strategy whether you are a B2C or B2B business allowing you to meet potential customers at point of search. But it’s not good enough to simply run Google Ads. Each ad group in your account needs to be optimised, utilising the right keywords (and negative keywords), targeting and the very best ad copy. Just like we did for our client Cameron Homes.

Starting over is a good thing

On first assessment of their Google Ads account, it was apparent a generalised approach had been used in the set up with overly detailed key words. The worst part? The account was seeing very little tangible results. Our Google Ads masters gutted the account and fully restructured it from the ground up, building it for the new homes’ audience with industry specific key words and targeting and engaging ad copy.

Prepare for landing

In the redevelopment stage several ad groups were proposed, each requiring new landing pages tailored specifically for each ad group. This vital step was key to getting the best return on investment and ranking with Google. With our optimised key words and targeting, plus the tailored ad copy and landing pages, we were able to increase the average impression share for the account from 80.90% to 93.23%.

The takeaway

For Cameron Homes we were able to deliver a massive uplift in clicks and conversions, including increasing the click through rate (CTR) from 11.83% to 18.65%, an increase of 57.65%.

With our account optimisations in place, the first quarter blew the previous year’s total clicks out of the water, topping it by 34.04% in just three months. Clicks are one thing, but the actual conversions of visitors to the website in the first quarter more than doubled the total for the previous year.