Great Central Brochure

How regeneration projects can re-inforce a brand's positioning and appeal. (It's not just another site launch).

Great central chevron

Jelson Homes is a 125 years-young family-run housebuilder, with a strongly principled approach and a credo of 'built the right way'; in terms of construction and how it treats buyers, staff and the East Midlands communities it builds within.

So, when they looked to rejuvenate a particularly tired area within its heartland locale, it wasn't just a case of presenting a cosmetic overhaul.

An East Midlands housebuilder regenerating the area to its former glory

Great central chevron

Care was taken to exploit the heritage of the area and its close proximity to the Great Central Railway, an East Midlands landmark of the Victorian era. An East Midlands housebuilder proudly showing great pride in re-generating the area to its former glory, by leveraging its historic past.

Great central mac mockup