Jelson Social and SEO

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Second only to website UX, SEO optimisation is the cornerstone of a great website. You can have a visually beautiful site, but if you aren’t keeping up with SEO best practice you aren’t doing yourself, or your website, any favours. Search engines crawl your website and rank it based off a variety of key factors including your use of keywords in your copy and headings, links, and site speed.

It’s all about rankings

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Where your website shows up in a search engine’s rankings is heavily influenced by keyword usage and content quality. To improve Jelson’s rankings in search we have created new and updated content to increase the total number of keywords Jelson rank for by 41.6%. Keywords in the core top 3 positions were improved by 71.7% and keywords in positions 4-10 were improved by 8.9% - all in the last 6 months.

With the migration to the new Jelson website, we also improved several technical aspects to help speed up the website. With mobile performance being king, site speed matters, and our work saw the mobile PageSpeed Insights score improve by 157.6%.

Getting social

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Links matter. These can be internal or external, with external links from highly regarded websites benefitting you more. One way to improve links is to create new content that is highly shareable and linkable that your site visitors will want to share. One way you can ensure your content is reaching new people is to post it to your social media accounts, as we have done with Jelson. This also has a positive affect on your SEO rankings.