Jelson Homes Website

With a long-term partnership, you really get to know your client and can easily ascertain their wants and needs. With a new website for Jelson Homes we knew it needed to be ‘built the right way’ with a friendly and welcoming feel, an easy to navigate UI and a focus on imagery.

Built the right way

Just like a Jelson home, getting all the small details right is vital. We made changes to the layout of the development pages to ease the customer journey which included ‘sticky’ navigation. Features like the newly designed virtual tours layout and the local area map, which includes rail links, bars & restaurants, leisure and education through the Google Maps plug in, are popular with users. We also included a new accent colour, a vibrant turquoise to contrast with the solid and traditional red and dark blue.

Measuring performance

With the new technical requirements for SEO best practice and changes to potential buyers’ expectations for their user journeys, we built a website that the users AND the search engines will love. Looking year on year for 2020 to 2021, we’ve seen an increase of 40.4% in goal completions on the new website which includes development enquiries, general enquiries and registrations/logins.