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There’s more to target audiences than simple demographics

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When you have a specific target audience in mind, one that isn’t a simple demographic like age, gender or location, it pays to have a digital marketing team in your corner. Oakford Homes’ development Greys Mews, located in the sought after location of Henley-on-Thames (home of the Royal Regatta), requires a very specific target audience, those who aspire to live in Henley.

And how do you reach this audience? You articulate the high quality of the build and specification with a focus on the marketing message ‘live the Henley dream’.

Living the dream

Oakford greysmews chevron

As a premium new house builder, all of Oakford Homes’ Marketing collateral must convey the quality, prestige and brand story of the company and location to their chosen audience. Using our marketing message with the development ID, logo and colour, woven through the print brochure, online advertising, press, and social media posts ensures our comprehensive targeting parameters do their job of increasing visitors to the website and on location.

Measuring performance

Oakford greysmews chevron

We achieved a bold and sophisticated marketing suite for print, press, online advertising, and social media ensuring an extensive reach in the target market.

Our online efforts continue to be ongoing and strategically optimise reach, consistently ensuring lead generation remains high for our client throughout the campaign until development completion. Offline marketing is eye-catching with a unique look and feel specific to Greys Mews, showcasing the stunning interiors and exteriors of the show homes. Potential purchasers’ expectations are exceeded when they visit the development and experience the Oakford Homes premium product.