When a client trusts you implicitly it’s not just a great feeling, it also leads to extraordinary results.

The freshly launched Oakford Homes website is one such project for us. From our long-running relationship, we have created a sophisticated and elegant design distilling the Oakford Homes essence to its most pure state.

Elevate and celebrate

In this website redesign, a mixed grid layout with a fixed sidebar was swapped for a zig zag inspired layout with liberal use of whitespace. This clean design puts the focus on the stunning homes with saturated photography taking front and centre. A polished colour palette of black, white and silver was initially chosen, these understated, neutral tones would allow the vibrant imagery of Oakford’s homes to really shine through. And when a fourth, call-out colour was needed, antique gold was the perfect match for this stylish and refined brand.

Beyond the tangible

Every Oakford development is built in a prime location and what better to help visitors visualise their new locale than an interactive map using Google Maps Places API to highlight nearby amenities. As you delve deeper into the development pages and select a housetype, the interactive site plan shows you where on the development this home is and you can click-through to other available.

Strong above the fold

A strong above the fold experience entices visitors to click deeper into the website to either discover their new home or to find out more. The subtle parallax used throughout the website, hints at the effortless elegance that is Oakford Homes.

My Oakford

The final step was to create a customer portal, designed to allow users the ability to manage their marketing preferences that integrate with Oakford’s CRM system. This makes personalised marketing a snap. For purchasers of an Oakford home, the ability to send support tickets from pre-exchange information to snagging issues is very helpful.