Sigma Homes

Establish Sigma Homes

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How do you help give a new developer the gravitas to compete against established brands in the south-east? Ones with longstanding reputations and large marketing budgets. The key is to develop a story of differentiation. To project Sigma’s vision; it’s distinct ethos; and the re-assuring experience of its executive directors.

Project the vision

Sigma gold chevron

To articulate this, within the format of an over-sized, coffee-table brand brochure. An imposing item, stylishly branded and produced- reflecting the stature of the brand and the product it creates. The task, to launch a new upmarket developer in the South East. The name was a given.

The importance of simplicity in brand design

Sigma gold chevron

The key, to avoid the design cliche of defaulting to use the Greek symbol. The Sigma symbol represents a mathematical sum: to us, Sigma Homes is the sum of adding three crucial elements of housing developments. The typeface and colourways give a classic, qualitative feel. The lower-case sigma symbol replacing the tittle of the 'I', giving a design mnemonic for the brand. Simple. Subtle. Classy.