Brand health check through focus groups


In the new homes sector, the developer/company/business with the best reputation is king. They have greater market share, their homes sell more easily, and they have happy customers that act as brand ambassadors. Spitfire Homes, a bespoke housebuilder received industry acknowledgement several years running in the form of multiple awards and they wanted affirmation that their buyers felt the same as their industry peers.

Opening up a dialogue


Spitfire honed in on 4 main objectives with this panel of focus groups: brand saliency, customer views on marketing activity, customer feedback on specification, design and developments and the overall customer experience.

Three focus groups of customers who were either in the process or had already purchased a home from Spitfire Homes met and discussed their customer journeys and buying experiences over 90-120 minutes.

Measuring performance


We packaged our findings in a report and the wealth of actionable data obtained was presented to the entire Spitfire Homes team. This invaluable round of focus groups also led to the creation of a new customer charter that won the 2018 Housebuilder Awards Best customer satisfaction initiative!