An embodiment of the brand

Standard-setting regional housebuilder Oakford Homes wanted to make their brochure for a new apartment scheme in Henley-on-Thames really pop. For such a prestigious location, Oakford wanted a brochure that personified the USPs of their development. So, we went bright and modern, with a focus on what makes Henley, well, Henley.

We asked ourselves ‘Why Vicinia?’

This affluent community offers a wide variety of fantastic restaurants, charming local shops and cosy pubs, and Oakford’s development is just minutes away from the action. We aimed to highlight the proximity and asked our audience to say ‘hello’ to Henley. All the cachet and at an ideal location, just a short walk away from the high street.

A stand out brochure

The choice of a rich and refreshing monochromatic aqua colour scheme alludes to the river for which Henley-on-Thames is named and gives a small nod to the Henley Royal Regatta. Sophisticated and luxurious, with a high-quality paper stock, the brochure utilises vibrant imagery and magazine-style spreads that embody the location

Pops of colour

Pops of colour, a tasteful use of white space, and artfully arranged spreads have made this brochure into an objet d'art. One that we are proud to have produced from development identity through to print.