Some of our clients have been building new homes for over 100 years, and the need for ‘marketing’ has understandably changed completely over that time. In the modern world there is so much competition that the need for a robust marketing strategy is essential.

In the housing industry in particular there are a number of traditional marketing practices that are very well loved and used, but could do with a refresh for the digital age.

That’s not to say traditional marketing does not have a place, but today we’re focusing on the digital aspects that should be part of your marketing strategy.

Here are our eight tips for a modern digital marketing strategy:

An Easy To Use Website

The root of your online presence will be your website, so spending time and energy on getting it right should be at the top of your to do list. Ensuring it is user friendly, easy to use across multiple devices, and easy to register interest, will provide your users with the best experience, and will mean you have the best chance at converting leads.

That Is Optimised For Search

Once you have the website, you need to make sure you can be found online, and this is where SEO (search engine optimisation) comes in. This will focus on both content and technical elements to make sure you show up in search results ahead of your competitors. In an exceptionally competitive industry, it’s essential to make sure your pages are seen at the right time by the right people.

And Hooked Up To A Useable CRM System

You’ll want your whole team to be able to access leads and their information in an easy to use way. As well as being able to segment to effectively progress their sales. This is where working with a CRM system (rather than a spreadsheet for example) comes in, particularly if you can have a custom-built one that works to your company's processes.

As Well As To Several Third-Party Marketplace Site Portals

If you’re working with popular sites like Rightmove and Zoopla, you’ll need a platform that feeds all your development information directly through to them. This saves you time, and makes sure your properties are visible across your own website, and the big third party platforms too. Not to mention, it also means that any leads you gain from these platforms can be fed back into your CRM too.

You’ll Need A Social Media Presence

Your potential customers are on social media every day, you should be too. Though a lot of housebuilders now have some form of social media, actually using it and maintaining a constant presence is a whole different thing. There are several tools you can use to schedule posts, so you can pace your posts out through the week.

And Paid Search Or Display Ads Too

Paid and display advertising gives you the opportunity to get even further reach, and appear in front of interested audiences - even using remarketing to hit those that have already shown interest in your website. This is a great channel to show up for searches that are highly competitive and you’re struggling to show for organically.

With Email Marketing To Your Database

Targeting the right people at the right time isn’t limited to just search. Email marketing with successful segmentation can have a surprisingly high conversion rate. If you’ve got your CRM up and running, this can be super easy to do, low cost and highly effective (and a more digital approach to the more traditional leaflet drop).

And Finally, Tracking Performance Across Various Channels

It’s not just about being on all these channels, but measuring your performance on them too. That way you can learn from what isn’t working well, and replicate what is working well. Some basic web tracking is easy to implement and take top level stats from, and if you work with an agency they can look deeper at data and provide you with some really valuable insights.

If you’re unsure where to start with updating your marketing strategy, or you need additional resources to accomplish your goals, then why not speak to a member of our team? We can talk you through how we can help, and the services that we offer.