In the busy new homes market, it is essential that you and your homes stand out from the crowd. That’s why we’ve put together some helpful tips to help you improve your property marketing strategy. 

Review your website and streamline user journey

Regularly reviewing your website can go a long way with your prospective buyers, ensuring all information is relevant and up to date is essential. We have a helpful article detailing exactly what you should check and when. If you are realising your website isn’t as user friendly, or as streamlined as it could be, then it may be time for bigger changes. Reviewing how many clicks to complete a CTA is a good starting point for reviewing how difficult it is for a user to actually convert. It can seem a daunting process, but as you can see here with Crest Nicholson it can have a hugely positive impact on conversions.  

Make sure you are visible in search engines

Once you’ve spent some time and effort on your website, you’ll want to make sure it can actually be seen. Your search visibility is important, and spending some time on SEO practices to make sure your website can actually be found by your potential customers is just common sense. See how updating and adding new content helped improve Jelson Homes keyword rankings and search visibility. 

Build your brand, starting with a review of your strapline

When it comes to truly conveying your company and what you stand for, a strapline is a crucial part of the brand build. It should quickly and easily paint a picture for your potential customers of why they should work with you. As you can see in our work with Wates Residential on Rother Living, the supporting notion of ‘Transforming Rotherham’ provided a welcome and accessible brand to the public. 

Test your messaging with A/B testing

Email campaigns to segmented audiences are already an incredibly powerful marketing move, but by utilising split testing you can further improve your results. By selecting a variable such as subject line, type of image or button placement, and applying A/B testing, you can begin to build a compendium of what works for your audience and use these findings going forward. While applying this for Bargate Homes, we were able to double the industry open rate, and significantly improve the clickthrough rate. 

Try out different paid advertising approaches

Paid advertising is an excellent way to showcase your homes and development locations directly to your target audience. Facebook and Instagram are great platforms to showcase your homes, using specific location targeting you can hone in on potential purchasers. Otherwise Google Ads is one of the biggest players and one of the most trusted paid advertising platforms. Take some time to either set up or organise your account correctly, put some effort into updating your landing pages, and run a new campaign to assess where can be improved. Client Cameron Homes saw a huge increase in CTR by taking some time to optimise their account. 

Post regularly on social media

Having a social media presence should be a key part of your marketing strategy, to keep your audience engaged you should create a posting plan that includes 80% ‘fluffier’ content such as interior images and lifestyle content, these styles of posts encourage a community feel amongst followers as well as showcasing your properties. The other 20% of posts should focus on sales, promotions and offers. If you need more help with your social media strategy, you may find this article helpful. 

Don’t forget about physical impression

Though the digital side of things are very prominent in modern marketing plans, the more traditional approaches still have a place at the table. In particular for housebuilders, producing a stand out brochure that captures the development identity and allows potential buyers to really picture what life could be like in their new home is still an essential. Digital is great, but a brochure can really convey the vision of the development, and leave that lasting impression with potential buyers. You can see how this worked for our client Oakford Homes for their Tulipa development and Vicinia development

If you want to be sure of success in your marketing campaigns, then get in touch, and see how we can help your business flourish.