Q. Just how have two political mavericks captivated the US presidential primaries?

A. Because these mavericks, a plain spoken 74-year-old socialist and a billionaire businessman, understand marketing.

Al Ries summed-up the marketeers grail, ‘The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing’:

"Owning a word in the prospect’s mind is the single most important concept in marketing."

Clinton (B) and Obama executed winning presidential campaigns sans pareil and bang-on strategy with ‘(The) Economy’,1992, and ‘Change’, 2008, respectively.

So, as we close on an eight-year Obama tenure of zero change and voter disaffection, how have Bernie and The Donald come to dominate proceedings? Well, Trump wants America and Americans to be ‘winners’. To ‘make America great again’, “because we don’t win anymore”. Whilst Bernie promises "equality", not a country run by the wealthiest 1% of Wall Street cronies (who now own as much as the bottom 90% combined).

Contrast the simplicity and clarity of these promises of being a ‘winner’ or having ‘equality’ with Clinton (H)’s web homepage book at bedtime, ‘112 reasons to vote for Hilary’.

So, the moral of the mavericks: Single-word brand equity can be powerfully galvanising for internal and external communication.

What word does your brand own?