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Some of our best bits from 2020

What can we say about 2020 that hasn’t already been said?... Read more >

Some of our best bits from 2019

It’s been one of those years where you can’t figure out where the time has gone.... Read more >

Some of our best bits from 2018

Here at MMS we’ve taken a moment to sit back and remember... Read more >

Be greedy when others are fearful?

Two significant news headlines this week:... Read more >

Digital marketing in 2018? Here’s five things you should know...

The way in which we consume content is constantly evolving... Read more >

Six seconds: the future of advertising

As more and more advertising spend goes online, so does the revolution in advertisement formats... Read more >

Remembering Roger Moore (and how he can help us sell homes)

In a previous chapter of my career, I was involved in originating and producing Roger Moore’s (then) only TV commercial, for a regional beer brand... Read more >

Are too many agencies like James Haskell?

If you’re a rugby fan, you’ll be familiar with the incident. If not, in an attempt to be competitive against a 16 game un-beaten England, the Italian rugby team... Read more >

Hail President Trump (this was no Hail-Mary)

In our previous thought piece, Think like Bernie & The Donald, we highlighted the communication savvy of Mr Trump... Read more >

What does M&S know about lingerie?

As part of Marks & Spencer's chief executive Steve Rowe's strategy to put customers "at the heart of M&S", the company revealed... Read more >

LON-DONE? Or a $1.40 buying opportunity?

The London housing market is clearly cooling. New homes builders have piled-in and high, with a resultant over-supply... Read more >

Think like Bernie & The Donald

Q. Just how have two political mavericks captivated the US presidential primaries?... Read more >

Critics are like eunuchs in a brothel

“Critics are like eunuchs in a brothel; they know how it’s done, they’ve seen it done every day, but they’re unable to do it themselves” – Brendan Behan... Read more >

How to sell to the Chinese

Selling luxury, new-build London properties to the Chinese can be tricky: irrespective of the superior specification required, how do you get over the lack of brand awareness for people wanting to buy into their British ‘pile’, with increasing choice available?... Read more >

Do housebuilders need to ‘do a Sonny Bill’?

Branding is not just a case of portraying an organisation’s image. The All Blacks are just not defined by uniform black shirts, shorts, socks and boots, but by living the core values that shape their brand... Read more >

Why your advertising is a waste of money

How many times has your agency told you: “It’s all about ‘what, where and how much’”?... Read more >

Time for the 'B'-word

With news of slowing mortgage approvals and house sales, you could hear an emphatic “b****cks”, echo through housebuilders’ boardrooms up and down the country... Read more >

THE Christmas Sale: slash 20% off your media costs

It’s a seasonal anomaly that December and January TV airtime is, incredibly, 20% cheaper than annual average rates and a massive 40% cheaper than October and November... Read more >

Thank You Nigel Farage

Love him or hate him, as marketers one thing we should thank Nigel Farage for is reminding us how to develop successful campaigns. So, what can we learn from UKIP’s success? Quite simply, they’ve followed a classic four-step approach, which we’d all do well to reflect on... Read more >

Should housebuilders learn from the Labour party?

As the reporting season confirms the huge sales impact of Help to Buy, thoughts now turn to consider the effect on future sales growth, as Help to Buy 2 extends to second-hand properties. What Help to Buy market share will second hand help itself to?... Read more >